Monday, 21 July 2014

Ham, man, and more ham

It's been quite a weekend of exploration.

On Saturday, we went for a meandering walk from Richmond-upon-Thames to the historic Ham House, and across the river by "Totty Ferry" [see above] to the eccentric waterside villas of Twickenham (York House with its "Naked Ladies" fountain [below], and Orleans House, now a gallery), before seeking respite in the local hostelries.

Yesterday we dodged the thunderstorms again to traverse the final stretches of North London's "New River" (ahem; it opened in 1613!) - which was, admittedly, less picturesque but nonetheless a delightful little diversion.

Today - just as the weather turns more settled and summery again, of course - it's time to head off to the far less historic, diverting, or even remotely interesting world of the office. Hey ho.

Let's let something completely mad into our lives this Tacky Music Monday... How about Heather Parisi tapping her brains out on prime time Italian TV to a jazz classic by Dave Brubeck? That should bloody well cheer us all up!

Take Five, indeed.

Have a fantabulosa week, dears.


  1. Well now!
    That was something indeed.
    England, Italy, Berlin....California (?).
    A bit of everything.

    1. Merci!

      We do try and divert our attention from the real-life world of work as comprehensively as possible...



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