Thursday, 10 July 2014

If people say I'm crazy I tell them that it's true

Mr Neil Tennant, erstwhile pop maestro and one half of the musical pioneers Pet Shop Boys, is (remarkably) 60 years old today! Gawd, I feel old...

Suffice to say, We are proud possessors of just about everything Pet Shop Boys have ever put out on record, and can only aspire to have a mere modicum of the style, wit and sheer bloody genius of Mr Tennant.

Here are some moments from the man's fabulous four-decade career:


Always On My Mind:

Domino Dancing:

The one that makes me cry - Being Boring:

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing:

New York City Boy:

And the one that started it all, West End Girls:

"A lot of what used to be known as gay culture - broadly speaking, homoeroticism and being camp - has been brought into mainstream culture. I think we should be moving to an era where it's just sex."

"The first club I ever really went to was this club on Neal Street, in London. It was a gay club – we used to pronounce it ‘Shag-o-ramas’, but it was spelt Chaguramas. It’s the name of a Spanish sheep or something."

Happy birthday, Neil!

Neil Francis Tennant (born 10th July 1954)


  1. A lovely tribute to an amazing man - not only do he and Chris write wonderful melodies, Neil's lyrics are the stuff of gold! A very happy birthday Mr Tennant!

    1. He is indeed a lyrical genius - and I am thrilled to be going to the PSB late-night Prom on 23rd July (an early birthday treat from our friend Paul)! Jx

  2. Noooooooooo... he can't be that old!
    Anyhow, I was a fan from the start.

    1. I think as a tribute we should all get t-shirts printed with the name "Shag-o-ramas". Jx


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