Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In a rush, rush


Having been somewhat distracted by the ongoing business of cleaning (this flat was supposed to have been "deep cleaned" - by a person with just one feather duster and no cleaning products or sense of smell, evidently) and unpacking our stuff at Dolores Delargo Towers #3, I neglected to wish a happy birthday to one of our icons and Punk Patron Saint Miss Debbie Harry, who celebrated her 69th - in style - on Monday (gulp!).

Let us redress that situation with a lesser-known solo track of hers - the rather catchy Rush, Rush...

He’s a real speed demon.
He’s one of a kind.
Watching, waiting, winking over his shoulder.
He’s running out of time, time, time, time.


Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry (born 1st July 1945)


  1. Don't you just HATE it when a place that's supposed to be clean just isn't?????

    Best of luck and of course a shout out to the marvelous Miss Harry - always fabulous, no matter what age!

    1. You wouldn't believe what we have had to do to transform this place into something habitable!

      But with the help of Miss Harry, trad jazz, Italo Disco, Radio 2 and Miss Minogue too - all on our playlist to help the job at hand - we will get there, my dear... Jx

  2. Why, the Italo Disco alone should get you a mighty long way...

    Have a great (and hopefully clean) weekend :)


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