Thursday, 2 October 2014

Drag queens were invented by the Soviet Union

In the news today:
F***book has apologised to transgender and drag queen users whose accounts were deleted for violating its policy on using "real names".

The company now calls for people to "use the authentic name they use in real life" on their profiles.

Several hundred accounts were flagged by a single user for contravening company policy last month.

Chief product officer Chris Cox acknowledged that the experience had been "painful" for those involved.

"I want to apologise to the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and extensive community of our friends, neighbours, and members of the LGBT community for the hardship that we've put you through in dealing with your Facebook accounts over the past few weeks," he said.

Mark Snyder, a spokesman for the Transgender Law Centre, told the AFP news agency that a planned street protest on Thursday in San Francisco would now become a celebration.
Leave it to the wonderful Charlie Hides to lead the celebrations - or does she?

Charlie Hides TV

Of course.


  1. To demoralize capitalist economies and spread venereal diseases...

    Everybody knows not to piss off a Drag Queen! What was Zuckerberg thinking? They threw bricks and fire at cops during Stonewall. This might be the beginning of the end for the Facebook. Oh please please.

    Personally, I own the for my real name. Anybody who knows me can go there and read up all they want to. But, I prefer the small amount of anonymity that Blogger provides. Which by the way is owned by the Googles. So, it could be any day that they force the private/public issue as well.

  2. "...the end for the Facebook. Oh please please." We can but hope. As far as the Google Mafia, they seemed to have left off a bit after the "new, improved" YouTube changes brought a near-revolution to their door. I think the complete failure of the "G+ network" may have helped them avoid doing much in the way of controversial changes since. Jx


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