Thursday, 16 October 2014

Telly time machine

So, what was on telly on the day you were born?

If you are in the UK, a new search facility of the newly-digitised back issues of Radio Times will tell you!

I searched, and found this was the evening's line-up on the date I was born 51 years ago in August:

17.25 : FRANCIS DURBRIDGE PRESENTS - "The Desperate People", starring Denis Quilley, Hugh Cross, June Ellis, David William and Shirley Cain.

17.50 : THE NEWS
17.55 : TODAY'S SPORT, introduced by Alan Weeks.

18.00 : JUKE BOX JURY, with chair David Jacobs and panel members Carole Carr, Ted King and Barbara Windsor.

18.35 : THE THIRD MAN - TV adaptation starring Michael Rennie and Jonathan Harris.

19.00 : WELLS FARGO - the adventures of Special Agent Jim Hardie, played by Dale Robertson.

19.50 : THE DICK EMERY SHOW, with guests Joan Sims, Gary Miller, The Springfields, Mary Millar, Rex Garner and the Cliff Adams Singers.

20.35 : The Saturday Film - THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK, starring John Payne, Rhonda Fleming and Dennis O'Keefe.

22.15 : THE NEWS

22.25 : MAIGRET - classic crime series, starring Rupert Davies.

23.15 : Close Down

With that much entertainment on offer, you'd need to be in bed early.

Check out the BBC Genome Project for yourself - it's fun!

More about the venerable Radio Times in my blog back in 2011.

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