Monday, 20 October 2014

Now I shout it from the highest hills

It may be a week off for me - I'm currently on a flying visit to the Boys in Essex - but I haven't forgotten that it's a Tacky Music Monday!

Fitting the bill perfectly, here's a double dose of today's birthday girl (and bless 'er, she only died three years ago after giving a lifelong service to the gays of Britain) Miss Kathy Kirby!

[Both clips are from a 1983 Channel 4 show called Unforgettable. I don't remember it.]

Let Me Go Lover:

Secret Love:

Unforgettable, indeed.

Have a good week, one and all!

Kathy Kirby (born Kathleen O'Rourke, 20th October 1938 - 19th May 2011)


  1. She was fab. Bless her.
    Not on top form in 1983 methinks.
    Her 1963 version of 'Secret Love' is still the best out there.
    ( no disrespect to Doris )

    1. What I love most about the "1983 Kathy Kirby" is the fact she seems to be almost entirely held together by hairspray... Jx


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