Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mad about Miss Johns

Today, 91 years ago the simply divine Welsh actress Glynis Johns was born - and, thankfully, she's still going strong.

Here's an extract from one of her campest moments on screen - as a mermaid (and in this clip, her "cousin" too)! To my eternal shame, I've never seen Mad About Men (nor the film to which it was a sequel, Miranda); and with a cast that features some sadly missed stalwarts of British film including Irene Handl, Deryck Guyler, (Sir) Donald Sinden, Dora Bryan and Dame Margaret Rutherford, I really think that I should get round to it one day...

Enjoy the fun:

Happy birthday!

Glynis Johns (born 5th October 1923)


  1. LOVED IT! And the garishly-colored New Look dresses as well.

    1. I am certain you'd look lovely in one :-)


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