Monday, 31 October 2016

Dance around in your bones

Pumpkin, anyone?

How apt - the annual occasion arrives for ghouls and witches and the tortured souls of the undead to inhabit the earth, and I am heading back to the joys of the office (after almost a week away) to greet them all...

Never mind, on this Hallowe'en Tacky Music Monday, we have something spookily entertaining to get us in the mood to venture out into the fog - here's Tain't No Sin by Dan Russo!

When you hear sweet syncopation
And the music softly moans
T'ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones!


Happy Samhain, my little coven!


  1. I wouldn't mind being haunted by the ghoul on top.

    1. I think you're supposed to "dance around in your bones" rather than jump on them... Jx


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