Friday, 21 October 2016

The Worldwide Ambassador of Love

Another week drags its dank way to a close. Oh, how I hate the creeping darkness at this time of year. But hey! There's a weekend to look forward to - and that can only mean one thing...

It's time for a party!

To get us up and running, let us join in the shirtless fun that this Thursday's birthday boy Mr George McCrae [self-styled "Worldwide Ambassador of Love", according to his website] is obviously having on The Julio Iglesias Hour!

With his tightest trousers and his sparkly jacket on, surrounded by some chemically-enhanced dancers in hideous green suedette outfits, psychedelic camera effects and a cartoon sheep - how could he not?!

He Just Can't Leave You Alone. Apparently.

Thank Disco It's Friday!

George Warren McCrae Jr. (born 19th October 1944)


  1. I am still waiting for flares, bell bottoms, loons and Oxford bags to come back into fashion

    1. I dare say that if the Bieber creature decided to wear them, the shops would soon be full of them. <>. Jx


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