Monday, 24 October 2016

One of these days you're gonna be cryin'

Tacky Music Monday part 2...

The sad announcement today of the death of the pop-tastic Mr Bobby Vee [who even knew he was still alive?] - the 60s answer to Rick Astley - has provided another excuse to visit the wonderful world of Scopitones to recapture a little of the "Vee magic" that made him so popular.

Sporting the teeny-tiniest pair of shorts and surrounded by (typically for Scopitone) a bevy of over-enthusiastic "dancers", here he is with his all-time classic The Night Has A Thousand Eyes...

RIP Bobby Vee (born Robert Thomas Velline, 30th April 1943 – 24th October 2016)


  1. Dear Bobby - suddenly I am 14 again ! (I hope Fabian is OK).

    1. Managing Director of something called "Gladys" magazine, apparently... Jx


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