Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wears a coat that's black and long

It happens. All those ground-breaking, scary, energetic "rebel hearts" of our youth are getting older...

Mr Dave Vanian - the man who was (alongside Siouxsie and Robert Smith of The Cure) a "Goth" before "Goth" was invented - blows out sixty candles on his cake today! Gulp.

Mr Vanian and his band The Damned were pioneers of Punk; among the original clutch of bands who defined the genre and the first to get a hit single way back in 1976 (New Rose) - even before the Sex Pistols. In its original incarnation the band included notorious members Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies; by the 80s, Mr Vanian was the only original member in the band.

It was at this late stage that they (he?) achieved their greatest commercial success. And among those later hits was this rather fab one - it's Grimly Fiendish:

Many happy returns, David Vanian (born David Lett, 12th October 1956).

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