Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Be afraid


...and now.

Either it's a remarkably elaborate hoax, or else... Bros really are going to re-form [well, at least two of them are: the twins Matt and Luke Goss] for a massive concert at London's 02 stadium [the venue formerly known as The Millennium Dome]!

Anyone who lived through the "plastic-pop-boyband" era of the late 80s and early 90s remembers all too well the faux-tough ripped double-denim, the blonde quiffs and the whiny vocals. For a while, every teen girl's wall was adorned with images of their oh-so-gormless pouting. We thought that was all over and done with...

But no! Matt's making a special foray across the pond after his long residency (with his Big Band) at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas came to a close, and Luke's taking a break from his film "career". The missing third of the the original line-up - always the prettiest one, in my opinion - Craig Logan is far too busy, having worked with such artists as Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Garth Brooks, Anastacia, Sade, Joe Cocker, M People and Pink, as Managing Director of the RCA Label Group to join them. He's probably earning twice as much as either twin ever will.

Anyhoo - as a portent of what to expect, should anyone wish to purchase a ticket for the show in August 2017, here's their biggest hit When Will I Be Famous?

  • When Will I Be Famous? was in the UK charts for a total of eighteen weeks in 1987-88, peaking at #2; it was held off the top slot by Tiffany's I Think Were Alone Now.
  • At their biggest-ever concert at Wembley Stadium back in 1989, support acts were Salt 'n' Pepa and Debbie Gibson.
  • When the band broke up, Craig successfully sued for "lost" royalties, and practically bankrupted the twins.
  • The boys are (remarkably) 48 years old; born in Peckham on 29 September 1968.
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  1. Jon, If the concert does go ahead you imagine the audience is going to be a lot older... no screaming teen girls me thinks not.
    It was interesting watching Aha reform for their recent BBC interactive concert this year where yes, the audience was much older. And weren't most of them there to see the gorgeous Morten Harket.
    I think many retired performers can see that some artists harking back to the 1960/70's simply keep going and going and continue to make a good living.

    Talking of longevity Dame Shirley will be 80 in January. Many are wondering if there will be an 80th Birthday concert as she still has the voice.

    But you're right about Craig Logan. He was definitely the band's main eye candy.

    1. There always will be huge market for pop nostalgia, hence the success of things such as "jukebox musicals", the "Rewind" festivals and their ilk, and our own annual pilgrimage to Proms in the Park, with its somewhat-faded line-up. But we love it all (even if Bros at the O2 may be pushing it a bit!).

      As for Dame Shirl, who knows what she'll do for her 80th? We will wait, in awe as ever, for any news on that front... Jx

  2. I also found Matt the most fappable.

    On a side note today it was "reported" that Jedward's production company was losing money, maybe they will end up turning tricks in Phoenix Park.

    1. Remind me to pop over to Phoenix Park with a bundle of Euros... Jx

  3. they look better now - I saw them at Wembley Stadium (half empty/half full) back in 1989 … won't be going to the O2 next year.

    1. You've had the "tribute hair" ever since... :-)



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