Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A cuddle by the fire, Spanish-style

Feeling a little chilly today? Here's a little something that should warm you up...

On this, the 140th anniversary of the great Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, here's a magnificent interpretation from his ballet El Amor Brujo ("Bewitched love") of the classic Ritual Fire Dance!

With choreography by Carlos Saura and Antonio Gades (who is also the male lead dancer, opposite the sublime Cristina Hoyos), plus the unsurpassable vocals of our great Patron Saint of Histrionics Señorita Rocio Jurado, what better way to take one's mind off Winter?

Roll on our trip to Spain in February, I say!!

Manuel de Falla y Matheu (23rd November 1876 – 14th November 1946)


  1. His music always reminds me of our train journey from Malaga to Madrid, looking out of the window and listening to 'the three cornered hat' on my headphones. fab vid - thanks for posting

    1. I remember warm weather. It keeps us going through these chilly evenings... Jx


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