Friday, 11 November 2016

Dance me to the end...

This week has really dragged, and for much of it we've had to restrain ourselves from screaming at the constant, tortuous, never-ending analysis, backlash, accusation, counter-accusation and general posturing that surrounded the election of the most controversial US President in history.

However, the week is almost over, so we need at least a little moment of escapism through dance.

Who would ever have thought - as the tributes pour in to Canada's most revered miserablist song-poet, whose death was announced today - that it would possibly be Leonard Cohen who would provide us with the choon to get the party started this weekend?!

OK, OK - I can't exactly imagine what on earth Legs & Co would make of it, but here's what DJ Paul Kalkbrenner has done with Mr C's most recent single You Want It Darker to make it dance-able...

I love it - and Thank Disco re-mixers It's Friday!

RIP Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (21st September 1934 – 7th November 2016)


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