Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trapped no longer

RIP Colonel Abrams (25th May 1949 - 24th November 2016).

Yet another memory of the 80s gone too soon. We all loved this one:

  • Colonel was in fact his real name.
  • Early in his career he founded the band 94 East, which briefly featured Prince on guitar.
  • His 1980s hits were masterminded by legendary British producer Richard James Burgess - who launched Spandau Ballet to stardom, and who sang lead vocals on Landscape's Einstein A Go-Go.
  • Despite Trapped getting to #3 in the UK and having considerable success on the dance circuit, Mr Abrams never had a chart hit in his home country the USA.
  • Sadly, last year it was reported that he was living homeless in New York, and a crowdfunding campaign was launched to purchase his much-needed diabetes medicine.


  1. You beat me to it - I was just going to mention his passing on my own page, after seeing the obit in today's paper. We loved the Colonel and TRAPPED back in 85, when I was down in Brighton every weekend, seeing a disk jockey there - Trapped always got the kids going and its still so infectious now. A club classic indeed. Sad to read he was virtually destitute and homeless by the end.

    1. It was indeed a sad end - I never understood why he didn't get greater recognition, like his contemporaries Alexander O'Neal and Luther Vandross... Jx


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