Thursday, 16 June 2011


It's that time again, to have a little round-up of some of the newer choonz that have given me pleasure lately...

I just have to open with something fabulously cheesy - the return of Gina G!!

I haven't been so excited since I discovered that Tina Charles was still alive and recording! Here is Miss G herself, looking a little startled, with the horribly-titled Next 2 U...

Here's a rather fabulous electro anthem by a band from Oregon calling themselves "Van Go Lion" - Body Moves, indeed:

Now for rather a novelty; a sublime collaboration between two of my favourite "alternative" artists - the adorable Ste McCabe (who we saw at Polari goes Pope last year, with his song Public Debate remixed by the simply fantabulosa Tingle in the Netherlands:

From the downright eccentric to the "First Lady of Cool". As Miss Sophie Ellis-Bextor releases this month her much-awaited new album Make A Scene, which features several of her hits of the past few years as well as some unheard new stuff, here's a little fave of mine that is on the album - her collaboration with Junior Caldera, Can't Fight This Feeling:

And to finish, have you ever thought what a combination of bagpipes and techno house music might sound like? Me neither. However, Denmark's magnificent Infernal are back, this time in the company of someone called Kato (who I thought was Inspector Clouseau's sidekick, but never mind), with a new single Speakers On which features exactly that! Be afraid.



  1. Ooooo, thanks for the Tingle namecheck Jon. You're going to be all over facebook, whether you like it or not. You might also be intereted in the fan video that someone just made of the origibal of 'Public Debate' - it's rather good. Right - off to post your blog on the darkside. HTxx

  2. *interested* This typos thing is getting to be a habit.

  3. Not having a good day....forgot the link to the vid:

  4. You see what happens when you mention the "darksdie" (FB) - everything goes awry... Whooooo!

    Now let's have a public debate about Ste's backside. Jx

  5. Gina G returns? I had been hearing about this for a while, and would have been a bit scared if it wasnt for this little number from a few years back:

    Infernal never dissapoints, bagpipes or not. And I would have released that Sophie track in the UK instead of "Not Giving Up On Love"...

  6. In my world, Gina G never went away... Jx


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