Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hot Shots - La musica dell'estate

This evening, Sky1HD came up with a fabulous addition to the countdown to Pride, in the form of Kylie's "Aphrodite: Les Folies" concert, filmed at the O2 - absolutely incredible!

As ever, the Princess knows her (gay) audience - glitter, muscle-boys, 200 costume changes, and feathers, fouf and faff are most definitely the order of the day...

Slow and Confide in Me:

On a Night Like This and All The Lovers:

Having exhausted my camp genes with a two-hour Kylie-fest, I think it's time for a little update on some of the newer stuff that has flowed through my consciousness recently...

First up, thanks to Henry (again) at Barbarella's Galaxy for introducing me to the most original young lady by the name of Florrie and her wittily-named Experimenting with Rugs, which is rather fab:

Next, the Ozzie model, actress and singer Zoe Badwi with a divinely decadent orgiastic video for her new single Carry Me Home:

And as we head into what promises to be a mini-heatwave over the next couple of days (which usually just means a sweltering day then a thunderstorm), here is a most fabulous summery dance choon that should cheer us all up - the boppy "Garage" sound of Chasing Pluto with Maybe I'll Miss You:

Now, with Gay Pride in mind again, it's time for "the family" to step up to the mike...

Here's a real out-and-proud queen doin' what comes naturally! More gratitude to Marc at Deep Dish for drawing my attention to the magnificent diva B. Scott giving a Kiss Kiss to the lovely model Brett Davis. How could I have not discovered this fierce creature before?

This is an interesting conundrum - the uber cool gay "singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Manhattan nightclub fixture" SirPaul (no relation to McCartney, apparently) has released a new single that is the theme to a film of the same name by the equally cool Casper Andreas - Going Down in La-La Land. The trouble is (and this is no bad thing, of course) it reminds me of a Eurovision track called Drama Queen by DQ from 2007:

And to finish, here's the out and civilly partnered (to music video producer Richard Cullen) Darren Hayes, with a fantastic b-side - to his new single Talk Talk Talk - a rather good cover of Madonna's Angel:

Let's enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and have a ball!

[PS La musica dell'estate = the music of summer]


  1. Quite like that Florrie tune. I might get one of those leopard print body stockings meself...for Owen. I thought that was Javine in the Kiss Kiss vid - ooops. HTxx

  2. I'm torn between Kylie and John Grant for my gig of the year so far ...

  3. I like body stockings on the right man (usually a muscleboy dancer for one of our pantheon of Divas, admittedly) - though I can't quite imagine John Grant wearing one... Jx

  4. Darren is a massive Madonna fan (as the whole world should obviously be!). And while I tend not be a very big fan of his, this cover is really not bad - although not nearly as good as the original! Thanks for a fun post :)


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