Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pride shopping, wet Goths and Swedes

I spent three hours today in the miserable drizzle in Camden, in an ultimately fruitless trawl of the vintage shops and weird boutiques for which the markets area is so famous, for items to complete my Gay Pride outfit for this year. Frustrating enough in the sunshine, but navigating the combination of wet Goths, slow-moving tourists and dodgy food outlets without actually buying anything is just depressing...

So I think it is time to cheer a Sunday evening up - as once again I feel like sharing some of the newer music that has caught my ear lately!

Opening this latest selection is the first of no less than three Swedes - the lovely Johan Agebjorn:

With a very mid-80s British pop feel (think Echo and the Bunnymen, Lotus Eaters, XTC, that sort of sound) here's a fab video for a fab song - Mirrors, the debut single from Talking Pictures:

New releases from our second Swede, the very mad Robyn, are always welcome here at Dolores Delargo Towers. Here she is in a more reflective mood than usual with a fine choon Call your Girlfriend:

Here's an excellent and atmospheric dance number by the third of our triumvirate - Swedish outfit Gravitonas (another vehicle for Alexander Bard of Army of Lovers and Alcazar fame), here teamed up with Russian cutie Roma Kenga [above]. Everybody Dance indeed!

And to close, here's a fab new mix for 2011 by some DJ called Stargate of Depeche Mode's classic Personal Jesus. Excellent video! I do still prefer the original song, however...

As always, ENJOY!


  1. I was just about to post my own "tracks" blog, including Robyn, Gravitonas and of course the fabulous Depeche Mode video (I think I love the video more than the remix, although it is very good).

  2. Great (camp) minds think alike, it seems... Jx

  3. I love the Gravitonas song. I feel a download coming on. Ta chuck! J-Jx

  4. Your iPod is bulging with DJ Dolores tacky sounds! Jx

  5. Really like that Robyn song - she can be so hit and miss with her singles x

  6. I have a soft spot for her, though - maybe it's because she looks like a rather plain gay boy... Jx


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