Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Il était une fois une femme amoureuse

Happy birthday to Swansea's finest! Miss Gaynor Hopkins from Skewen (better known to the world as Bonnie Tyler) is 60 years old today! (Good grief!)

From Lost in France in the long hot summer of '76 to occasional retro tours and Hollyoaks cameo roles today, Miss Tyler has made a magnificent impact on the music scene across the world with her raspy "40 fags a day" voice. And she is a bit of a gay icon on the quiet too (not least for all those lesbian rumours...)

Without further ado, here she is with a recent French re-make of her greatest hit, the histrionics-heavy Total Eclipse of the Heart...

Many happy returns, Miss T!


  1. 60, 60 - I can't believe it …

    Same day as Ginger Dave too - he's only 33


  2. But has Ginger Dave had so much plastic surgery? I doubt it... Jx

  3. She's 60??? Oh dear, yet another diva passing that milestone. I have always quite liked Ms Tyler, though I am not totally familiar with her back catalog.

    She does look a bit scary these days though...


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