Saturday, 18 June 2011

There’s no point in ever trying to resist it

Oh, deep deep joy!

Not only has our favourite Pop Princess released two EPs of remixes of the fabby Put Your Hands Up just in time for the summer holiday party season, but the self-same producer who worked with the Stock Aitken and Waterman Hit Factory at the time of Kylie's biggest early hits, Mr Pete Hammond has joined the party with a brilliantly retro PWL-style mix!

Get your hair-tongs out, your best ra-ra skirt on (and don't forget to polish your smile with industrial strength Pearl Drops) - and party like it's 1987!

Thanks once more to that living encyclopaedia of Kylie, the lovely Marky Marc at "Shine On And On", for the heads up on this one...

Kylie Put Your Hands Up The Remixes


  1. Like …

    although saw Toyah live last night so in a major 1981 mood at the moment …

    This will be fab at Pride :)


  2. today is the birthday of Alison Moyet, Paul McCartney and Delia Smith … now there's a challenge :) x

  3. Apparently "In 1985, Moyet performed at the historic Live Aid concert alongside Paul Young, and later returned unscheduled to the stage (alongside Bob Geldof, David Bowie and Pete Townshend) to provide emergency vocals on Let It Be when the microphone on Paul McCartney's piano failed, leaving him unable to be heard." I think Delia Smith cooked the hot dogs. Jx

  4. One word: PERFECT!

    (I actually prefer this over the album version, as much as I love it).


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