Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Singer's Singer

We spent a very amenable evening at our friend Al's last night. Ostensibly just to take up his very kind offer of a hot shower while our boiler remains kaput, it ended up as a marvellous musical evening, including gems from Bea Lillie, Licia Albanese, Jessie Matthews, Stritchy, Gracie Fields, Sondheim, Leyton and Johnson, Hutch - and Mabel Mercer!

"Mabel Mercer taught me everything I know" - Frank Sinatra

As it is a Sunday - traditional "home" for this kind of music, I thought I'd gift to you, dear chums, a mere soupçon of the great cabaret singer's repertoire (both from her later years).

How about a complete (40 min) soiree with Mabel, Bobby Short and friends?

Or - somewhat shorter - a clip from an evening with Miss Mercer at Cleo's in New York?

[And if anyone can name the song in that second clip, I would be very grateful...]


Mabel Mercer (3rd February 1900 – 20th April 1984)

PS Surprisingly, for an archetypal American song stylist, she was British.


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    1. Apparently, according to Al (who can't be bothered to post a reply here) the song is I'm Watching You by Cy Coleman. Jx


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