Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Musical catch-up, part 2

As promised (threatened?) yesterday, I am endeavouring to do a major sortie through the past few months of "newer" music that people may have thought I had overlooked, and this is the second instalment. These amuse-bouches are all for your enjoyment, dear reader. I do hope they provide some modicum of entertainment...

To get the ball rolling, it's our friend Marcus Reeves with his newest - and stunningly gothic - single, featuring erstwhile cabaret artiste (and briefly a member of Fascinating Aida) Miss Sarah-Louise Young. Here's Smoke and Mirrors:

I can never understand why this marvellous Aussie duo have never had a hit in the UK - it's Parralox (this time featuring a rather sassy lady by the name of Francine) and Crying on the Dancefloor:

Definitely not new (even this mix is a year old), but new to me, is this fab New Order vs Depeche Mode vs Daft Punk Sterbinszky and Coddie Mashup:

Oozing a dance-bitch-diva attitude of which our own beloved Luciana would be proud, here's Veronika Vesper with (a song that I am sure we all know someone to whom we'd like to dedicate) Fuck The Ego:

A follow-up to the rather catchy Hideaway (that I featured back in March), the new single from the unpronounceable Kiesza is every kind of wonderful (song and video) - it's Giant In My Heart. I first saw this on a big screen in a local sandwich shop in my lunch break, and it really made the rest of my afternoon in work go with a swing!

Now, as any fule kno, I'm no great fan of Miss Katy Perry. However, I was rather struck with this cover version of one of her faux-OTT hits ET by the (s)punky Garek (last featured here in December 2012). With a video featuring piss-takes of both Ms P and Ms Gaga, how could I not?

And finally, peeps, it's time for some smut and filth! With its definitely NSFW video, here's the kinky-boots-lover SirPaul, and his paean to Black Leather:

As always, enjoy - and let me know your thoughts...


  1. my first time hearing the new kiesza....heck of a video!

    1. You can imagine how much it perked me up of a lunchtime!

      [Mind you, I might have preferred the SirPaul one - for a very different "pick-me-up" altogether :-) ]


  2. My thoughts on this selection:

    Sir Paul = no no no no no. Garek = yes yes yes (I can't stand Katy Perry and I never cared for this song, but this cover version is surprisingly good). The one from Parralox is not their best but still quite good. It seems that they are doomed to fall in a similar category as Electric Lady Lab - both groups should have much more worldwide success.

    The one from Marcus Reeves is not bad but doesn't really grab me, maybe it needs another listen or two. "Fuck The Ego" however is excellent, as is the NO/DM/DP mashup. But the very best of the bunch has to be Kiesza - great video and a fantastic song!

    Alright, I'm off to the final selection...

    1. Somehow guessed you might like Miss Vesper... Jx


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