Monday, 4 August 2014

Sun worship, with lamé

Oh dear. Another sunny weekend is over, and we need to suffer in silence for another week the gloom of the office...

Never mind - on this Tacky Music Monday, we have a very glitzy little number from none other than one of France's greatest actresses Mlle Claudia Cardinale to cheer us up. With her gold-clad homosexuelles de sécurité, here's an anthem with we can all agree - Sun I love you!

Eternal thanks to the ever-wonderful Thombeau at The Redundant Variety Hour for this slice of kitsch - he has two more videos from La Cardinale's show, if you haven't had enough...

Have a great week, dear reader!


  1. i will forever mourn her physical collapse;
    next to mine first, of course.

    1. You've evidently not been to Tunisia, then (from whence Miss Cardinale originally hails). It happens overnight there - one minute a lithe, supple boy or girl, then at about thirty, a hairy monster.

      Both sexes. Jx


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