Friday, 1 August 2014

To be alive

Thankfully, a very tiresome (and tiring) week's work is wending its way to a very welcome close. With my sister's birthday on Sunday, we need to crank up the wireless, get the dry-ice machine running full pelt, and get the party started - and who better to put us in the mood than that magnificent one-hit-wonder Mr Patrick Hernandez?

Thank Disco It's Friday!

It is amazing to think that the irresistibly catchy Born To Be Alive is thirty-five years old this very week...

And, yes! That is none other than a very young Miss Madonna Ciccone throwing shapes (spot her in close-up at 1:40), as one of Mr Hernandez's backing troupe of very energetic dancers. We all have to start somewhere, I suppose.

Have a fantabulosa weekend, one and all, and remember:

Time was on my side
When I was running down the street
It was so fine, fine, fine
A suitcase and an old guitar
And something new to occupy
My mind, mind, mind

You see you were born, born
Born to be alive!

Read a not-so-subtle analysis of the death of Mr Hernandez's career on Ecstatic Wax blog.


  1. I also had a very hard week at work (new management is taking over so there have been a lot of issues to work out). The following weeks/months will without a doubt be a lot of hard work, but increased salary is always welcomed :)

    Hope you'll have a great weekend - and what a wonderful way to start it off, with a very young Madonna doing her best to steal the scene (as usual). Love the rare photo you chose to go with it! Have a good one!

    1. "Work is the curse of the drinking classes." - Oscar Wilde



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