Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dat is mooier dan Parijs

By time you read this, dear hearts, we shall be in the throes of travel to our most beloved of all cities (London aside) - AMSTERDAM!

I will be sure to bring you all back a tasteful present such as the above.

Meanwhile, here's the only song to play for such an occasion. Take it away, Johnny Jordaan!

Geef mij maar Amsterdam, indeed!

[Back Monday!]


  1. you should get the delft-blue homo version with 2 farmerboys kissing.
    see http://www.delftboys.cim/Delft_blue_bk-k.jpg
    probably for sale at Vrolijk, gay coffee/book-store Paleisstraat 135 (on damsquare pass palace on left side; it's opposite the AH store).

    1. I saw them but decided my wardrobe is already too full of tacky nick-nacks... Jx

  2. sure, the minute you leave, some
    shitty spam crap busts its way in.

    1. Advice about lustre glaze ornaments is rarely spam, dear.

      Viagra, yes. Faux Delft, unlikely. Jx

  3. Fab video. I particularly like the child catcher arriving at 1.12 mins


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