Monday, 11 August 2014

Musical catch-up, part 1

It has been months since I did a round-up of newer music that has caught my ear. However, having had a year that has so far thrown some rather significant distractions my way - including being threatened with redundancy and having to go through formal interviews not once, but twice; (unexpectedly) having to move house from a place we had worked damned hard on for four years to somewhere that has provided us with more headaches than homosexuels d'un certain age should have had to deal with; and my other half Madam Arcati having to change jobs - I think I have sufficient excuse.

[Be prepared - my selections will come in several parts.]

Needless to say, my favourite bloggers out there - in particular the stupendous Henry at Barbarella's Galaxy - have continually scoured the interwebs (so I don't have to) for music that has been a delight to discover.

So, to make a start, what little surprises has the summer of 2014 thrown up? In the past few months we have seen the very welcome returns of some old favourites here at Dolores Delargo Towers...

Certainly not least of these is the gorgeous Mika and his faboo Boum Boum Boum [fnaar fnaar]:

The uber-diva Miss Martha Wash bounced back with a vengeance - with I'm Not Coming Down:

We had an excellent return to form for Miss Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Love is a Camera:

And our ever-sexy houseboys Kazaky invited us to eat their Magic Pie (yes please!):

But the biggest - and most beautiful - musical event? The long-anticipated release of Miss Roisin Murphy's Mi Senti EP, from whence comes the sublime Ancora Tu...

This little round-up is merely by way of a catch-up of lovely tracks by familiar artists for your delectation, dear reader.

Our next instalment will cover some new(er) artists...


  1. Is the Mika track new?
    Is French his new direction?
    I like to know what he is singing about.
    Will I need Google translate?

    *so many questions*

    1. "Boum Boum Boum" was released this week (although the video has been around a while) - and it seems he's taken to singing in French of late (he was brought up in Paris as a small child), as he is now one of the judges on the French version of "The Voice"...

      So many answers :-) Jx

  2. Thanks for the shout out sweetie, always glad to try and put the spotlight on the things out there that should be heard and seen by people with our exquisite taste ;)

    My life has also been crazy over the last few weeks - change of management at work, my better half starting a new job AND myself being in the midst of talks for an exciting new management job at a new company. Over the past few days I have been at various meetings and I have to make up my mind this week if I will take the job or not. Change of scenery, better work hours, more money etc - I'm starting to think I will have a new job next month...

    But I digress - your selection is wonderful, I love every one of them! But if I have to choose a winner, it would be Miss Martha Wash! Now, I'm off to the next one (I feel like a kid in a candy store, tee-hee) ;)

    1. 2014 - the year of change for a number of us, it seems... Hope it all goes well!

      And yes - Miss Martha Wash is in a class apart, really. Jx


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