Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How can anything survive, when these little minds tear you in two...




It is my first day back to the office for over a fortnight, and, just as I was getting used to lie-ins, lounging round in my dressing-gown and generally doing bugger all for a week after getting back from Spain - it is time to get back to the grind, to the daily traffic jams on the bus journey, to the hideous office, and to what unfortunately passes for "reality". Oh joy.

Let's have something suitably melodramatic and camp - it's the ultimate masterpiece by yesterday's birthday boy, the dearly-missed Gene Pitney ...A Town Without Pity!

I almost feel better now, singing along to that...

Gene Francis Alan Pitney (17th February 1940 – 5th April 2006)


  1. I understand your pain sweetie! And what a song to get it across too - one of Gene's very best and such a ,he-hemm, subtle way to describe your agony. But fear not, weekend will be here before you know it...

    1. "We're like tigers in a cage" - just waiting for five o'clock, let alone the weekend... Jx


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