Friday, 14 February 2014

Out of the Blue

Our Princess performed a surprise gig (to promote her new album Kiss Me Once) last night, in a tiny pub in London's trendy Shoreditch - just a short hop from where we live - and we missed it!

Into the Blue out of the blue, in "The Old Blue Last":

Goddam it...

Read the article in the Huffington Post, and a typically gob-smacked review in the Clash hipster magazine.

Kylie Minogue official website


  1. Imagine popping down to the local pub and there's our princess (in a terrible wig, no less).

    I LOVE the new single and the video. The album seems to be getting mixed early reviews, with some saying that "Into The Blue" is the only real corker on it. Nevermind, I'm very excited!

    1. I love "Into The Blue", too - the first Kylie single to really get us hooked straight away for a long time... Never mind the nay-sayers, Our Princess is back with a bang!

      (And yes - imagine just popping out for a pint, and finding Kylie is your entertainment for the evening!) Jx

  2. Even closer to me, I was in Shoreditch on Thursday night … if I'd only known


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