Sunday, 16 February 2014

He's outrageous, he screams and he bawls

In his otherwise serious article criticising the excessive fascination of eugenicists scientific researchers into the existence or otherwise of the "gay gene", Alex Andreou in The Guardian adds a comment that I found quite amusing:

"The genes in question are "chromosome 8" and "Xq28", which makes complete sense, since they both sound like names of Soho gay bars. I'm fairly sure I went to Xq28 once."

But seriously, folks! Gay gene or no gay gene, I agree with Mr Andreou - why don't these "experts" concentrate on the identification of medical interventions for genuinely important human traits, such as the predisposition towards cancer, or Alzheimer's, and leave their obsession with what we get up to in bed out of their equations?

Anyway, here's an appropriate song, methinks:

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  1. I tried commenting 3 times on my iPad on this but it doesn't seem to like it…

    Any reason to hear David Bowie is to be welcomed, but I do think finding a gay gene seems to be just a small step away from eliminating the gay gene - I think as you say, they should stick to diseases x

    1. I prefer a pad of Basildon Bond, myself. Preferably in mauve. Jx


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