Saturday, 22 February 2014


OK, OK, it's time to feature once more another selection of newer choons that I have recently encountered, for your indulgence...

During the benighted Sochi Winter Olympics, many, many protests against Vladimir Putin and his thugs with their continued disgusting anti-gay stance have come to the fore. With calculated timing, here's a new remix by out-gay Israeli superstar Offer Nissim of the 1980 hit by Dschinghis (Genghis) Khan - Moskau, which is superb:

In a similar but more blatant vein, the marvellous Norwegian Annie (with Bjarne Melgaard) has released a highly-charged protest against the Putinistas, with Russian Kiss... “Show your love for the lovers, the others, the fighters, outsiders, people like you.” Indeed!

Speaking of "in-yer-face", here is the latest from the ever-challenging Sharon Needles, and she's Dressed To Kill, alright! “This isn’t a fucking costume, this is a way of life!“

Of all the comebacks one may have anticipated from mega-stars of the 1980s, who would have thought that Berlin (of Take My Breath Away fame) would have resurfaced three decades later with a genuine stomper of a track?! Here is the magnificent Animal to prove us all wrong...

Courtesy of the lovely Henry over at Barbarella's Galaxy, here's a slice of Aussie-Greek Eurotrash, in the busty form of Vassy - We're All Mad! Apparently.

As if we could lower the the tone much further... Ok, let's give it a try, in the capable hands of Miss Cherie Lily and her Body...

And, finally... How about a combination of not one, but two of Swedish crazy person Alexander Bard's bands - Gravitonas and Army of Lovers - on one track? It's People Are Lonely!

Enjoy - and, as always, let me know your thoughts!


  1. I wanted to like the Berlin track but just couldn't : I like that she has the same hair colours : Do you think she has done that because that is how the public remember her, or has she had two-toned hair for the last 30 years?
    I'm hoping the latter

    1. I'd like to think it is the actual original hair from "Take My Breath Away" that has been kept in a glass case for all these years especially for this comeback... Jx

  2. As you know, I adore "People Are Lonely" (like everything else Army Of Lovers and/or Gravitonas do). And I obviously love "Mad" as well!

    The rest is new to me, except for the Annie track I heard a couple of weeks ago - it doesn't really do anything for me. The same can not be said for the Offer Nissim track - love that, he is one of my favorite remixers (his mix of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" still sounds fabulous!).

    Sharon Needles is enjoyable, although she is no RuPaul! The Cherie Lily song is her best one yet, in a trashy sort of way of course ;)

    But what's this - BERLIN??? Not exactly what I expected, let alone a track like that! I adored "Take My Breath Away" and still do (as long as I don't have to watch the video with all those bloody Tom Cruise clips!). The band quit in 1987 and the singer only started to release music again under the band name more then 10 year later. I may like it even more then I should because it IS Berlin - but in any case, what a fun find - thank you for that sweetie and for yet another fun selection. Oh, and yes - we're all mad!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the selection. I do like Annie, for her pro-gay stance as much as anything else. It is indeed a big surprise to find Berlin back again - and apparently, "Animal" has already been banned from TV in Dallas... Naughty, naughty, very naughty!

  3. I wouldn't have expected the video to get any airplay at all (do TV channels still even play music videos?), let alone in Dallas...


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