Sunday, 23 February 2014

A night with Jesus

Madam Arcati and I had a fabulous and rather unexpected night out yesterday, as I had landed some last-minute tickets to see a live Cuban music band in the swanky Matcham Room in the glittering Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square.

Advertised as a "Celebration of The Buena Vista Social Club", Jesus Cutiño Y Son de Cuba (for it was they) is an ever-revolving line-up of musicians from Cuba, Columbia and Peru - and they were absolutely superb!

As individuals, each of the players would be at the top of their game, from the effervescent female vocalist (and mistress of the guiro and maracas) to the wonderful brass section, the keyboard player and the drummers/percussionists, but together they constructed an authentically complicated and thoroughly captivating sound - with a range of Son, Timba, Salsa Romantica and Afro Cuban rhythms, some composed by frontman Jesus Cutiño, and some classics from the aforementioned Cuban superstars.

Charm personified, Sñr Cutiño took requests, flirted with the (female members of) the audience, and, despite the singular poshness of the venue, got everyone up dancing!

We had a ball! Here's a short video I took last night (excuse the sound - we were up in the gallery):

Here's the band's take on the classic Oyo Como Va:

...and Sñr Cutiño's "home video" for Mulata Rumbera:

Jesus Cutino and Son De Cuba

Hippodrome Casino


  1. It does feel a little like being on a cruise ship in that venue (I should know, I know) but the music sounds great x

    1. I wouldn't know, fortunately. It was a fantastic evening! Jx

  2. Love that kind of music - sure I would have enjoyed it as much as you did!

    1. I am sure you would - it was rather special... Jx


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