Friday, 15 July 2011

Luuurve, baby

Disco Ball shoes

As our week draws to a shuddering close, and we look forward to a weekend of rain (bloody typical!), let our thoughts turn instead to the pleasures of the orange waistcoat-and-flared-trouser combo, the platform shoe, and the heady days when lyrics like "How can I find my way, without your love to guide me. I stop and close my eyes, and feel you deep inside me" were the stuff we used to mouth along to while practicing our Hustle moves...

Thank Disco It's Friday!!!

Have a great weekend, whatever you do...

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  1. Well, over here is it VERY hot - it looks like the weather will be fantastic today and tomorrow, after some cold, rainy days. But of course I will be stuck at work both days :( Still, have a wonderful weekend (with your umbrella) ;)


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