Saturday, 9 July 2011

Peter Mark Sinclair Almond

Happy birthday to our beloved Peter Mark Sinclair Almond, 54 years old today.

There is no real need for me to elucidate about Marc Almond's life, or my admiration for him - I have done that many, many times before.

Needless to say, it is great to know he is still well and performing - at Lovebox Festival, no less, alongside Scissor Sisters, Blondie, Robyn, Beth Ditto and Kelis on 17th July!

Over at Dolores Delargo Towers - Museum of Camp, Marc is our latest exhibit, with some marvellous photographs.

Here, as is my wont, I pay tribute by featuring some of his fantastic music:

Many happy returns, my darling!

Marc Almond Official Website


  1. I shall be at Lovebox next Sunday - looking forward to it all.

    My absolute favourite Marc solo song is … The Boy Who Came Back.

    Was it really 4 years since his 50th Birthday gig where he sang it?

    Time flies.


  2. It's easy to forget how many great soggy he's written - Ruby Red is fab too.

  3. soggy = songs - damn this predictive text

  4. I rather like the thought of Marc "writing soggys" myself. Not sure how Mr Almond might feel about it... Hee hee! Jx

  5. Happy Birthday! By the way, LOVE the new photo with pink hat. Very fetching.

  6. BEB, darling - I have put a link to the full set of Pride photos in the comments on my Pride blog:



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