Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sweden's schlager queens

As anyone who regularly reads my blog will know, if there is one this I love more than just about anything, it is discovering tacky music by over-dressed, faintly silly old divas from foreign climes!

I know I have featured these two before, but thanks to the lovely Henry at Barbarella's Galaxy, I am alerted to the fact that the fantabulosa Lili and Susie from Sweden are not hanging up their sparkly stilletos just yet - and have a new single out. In the company of some outrageous drag queens and buff dancers in tight silver shorts, here are the ladies with another feast of campery, Bailamor!

Lili and Susie fansite

[*schlager = stylised hit songs popular in countries with lots of umlauts in their alphabet]


  1. Ooh, Sweden does give use some delightful campery! J-Jx

  2. We do share that love then!

    And you direct us to a site that celebrates the very being of the divas as well. All is good in the world, and suddenly this bloody monday looks a bit brighter...

  3. It is such a fab little camp moment.


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