Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Transition to another place, so the time will pass more slowly"

Happy birthday to the lovely Martin Gore of Depeche Mode - 50 years old today!! Oh. My. God.

To celebrate this (rather scary) anniversary, here he is singing a most beautiful number from his solo portfolio...

And of course I couldn't let this opportunity pass to feature him way back at the beginning of Depeche Mode's career...

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Depeche Mode official site


  1. Yet another major 80s star hitting the big 50! Happy birthday!

  2. We "children of the 80s" are all heading that way... Jx

  3. It makes me feel much older then I actually am - I remember the 80s so well, and loved it SO much, even though I was only born in 1978. When all my schoolmates were still playing with Barbies and guns (or something), I was happy at home with my Duran Duran and Madonna records. I would have loved to be a teenager in 1980-1986!

  4. "Children of the 80s" doesn't necessarily mean you had to be there... I was 18 in one of the most exciting of years, musically - 1981 - so I suppose I was quite fortunate to actually experience first-hand the New Romantic revolution! Jx


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