Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Another week, another selection of newer music for us to enjoy...

Let us open today's selection with (The Very Miss) Dusty O, London club-slut extraordinaire - here with some combo called BoiSoundsMusic and a video featuring all the drama queens of the late-night gay scene in tow! It was evidently recorded with Gay Pride in mind (she hosted the main stage in Trafalgar Square), being called Wat2Do (Come Out!), and all:

In complete contrast, the weirdly-named Penguin Prison has a distictly 80s vibe going on with his new single Fair Warning. It's very catchy!

The marvellous Hercules and Love Affair's new single Painted Eyes is also a catchy little number, with a typically arty video. However it just reminds me sooo much of their classic Blind and it is a shame to have to make a comparison, as without Antony Hegarty it lacks something...

Speaking about art-house babies, how do you fancy sampling a bit of the gorgeous new boy on the scene Raff, and his Soul Electric?

Getting a bit more clubby for a moment, here's the London electro-poppers Untouched with Hypnotised:

Saving (possibly) the best for last, here's a most fab discovery - Greedy Eyes by Eastman featuring Neve. I love this!!

As always, enjoy!


  1. Great selection as usual, I especially love Fair Warning, very poppy and 80's, the best combination, hehe
    After a few listens I think I am going to love Greedy Eyes, great little electro number

  2. My favourite of these is Greedy Eyes too.

    I song I like a the moment is Skyscraper by Demi Lovato


  3. Miss Lovato is a bit earnest, isn't she? And she's supposed to have shagged Ryan Phillippe, the biatch... Jx

  4. I'm not really feeling the new single by Dusty O - I loved Twisted Sister … Dusty "unfriended" me on FB when I said as much though - oops!

  5. She's distinctive, but not necessarily what I would call brilliant. As for FB, that's what you should expect... Jx

  6. Yet another fabulous post - like them all!


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