Sunday, 10 July 2011

Never being boring

Just enough time tonight to wish many happy returns to the delightful Mr Neil Tennant (57 today - gulp!), maestro of the sardonic pop lyric and creator of many a favourite tune here at Dolores Delargo Towers.

West End Girls, Rent, It's a Sin, Heart, Being Boring, Can You Forgive Her?, Left to My Own Devices, In Private, New York City Boy, What Have I Done To Deserve This?, Suburbia, Did You See Me Coming?, Domino Dancing - my list of favourite Pet Shop Boys songs is endless...

We also celebrate Mr Jerry Herman's birthday today (indeed Mr Herman is our latest exhibit over at the Museum of Camp), and in a very tenuous link indeed between the two anniversaries, here's the PSB's ironic take on "The Theatre":

Pet Shop Boys official website

A very dedicated Pet Shop Boys fan has created an archive in which he details every single track the Boys have produced - please visit Wayne Studer's "commentary" site and pay due respect!


  1. Dear god! He is actually pushing 60! Still looks great though - and sounds even better. Hope he and Chris still have several albums left in them - after Madonna, they are probably my favourite music act ever!

  2. I'm amazed too that Neil Tennant is 57 - I saw him twice last week supporting Take That - he was never a big mover on stage but if anything he moves more now than he did 25 years ago - he did a little shuffle and two step with the dancers.

  3. EP on R2 on Sunday had her own tribute to Jerry Herman including the fabulous Douglas Hodge singing Mascara.

  4. Mr Tennant is fantastic for his age!

    Of course I heard the Jerry Herman tribute on Elaine Paige's show - I never miss her, and I would have been incredibly disappointed if she hadn't done it... Jx

  5. BTW: I forgot to mention I love the track you selected. One of my many, many, many, many, MANY PSB favorites.


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