Sunday, 3 July 2011

One fantastic day

Pride was absolutely magnificent yesterday! About two million people jammed the centre of London, there were dozens of floats, and a general carnival atmosphere, as expected!

Even the boys from Blue were there...

Despite its its shorter route (Oxford Street is being dug up so it started from outside the BBC in Portland Place instead), the parade seemed to go on forever.

Our theme was purple and pink, and as always the gang each interpreted this in their own unique way.

We had kisses galore, lots of photos taken, and (of course) drank the West End dry!

Gay Xmas - our favourite and most sparkling event of the year - is summed up rather beautifully in this fabulous video courtesy of Shirley, who we met while waiting for the march to begin. She even dedicated it to us...

Simply marvellous!

Pride 2011 on the BBC


  1. Looking Fabulous as usual! Shine baby!

  2. We had such a great day - one day maybe you'll be in London for it! Next year is World Pride, after all... Jx

  3. It was a fab day - I look a complete state in all the pictures but it was lots and lots of fun …


  4. Tony, you looked fabulous, sweetie! Jx

  5. Why didn't I know you when I lived in London?! xo

  6. Miss Lethal - you must pay a visit! Jx

  7. More photos are on Photobucket:


  8. wow!! fab photos and as for the video i felt i was there. awsome!!


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