Thursday, 7 July 2011


Fluff Freeman with bras

Once again it's time for a cosmopolitan selection of recent(ish) music that I think is worth blogging about...

Let's start off in Neath in South Wales (a very good place to start - especially if you are seeing it in the rear view mirror!), with Bright Light, Bright Light and the magnificent Disco Moment. I love this, it's 'arf tidy!

Off to South Africa we go next, for a most wonderful video for the new single by Locnville, Stars Above You - hypnotic stuff. Oh, and they're twins, and they're gorgeous - what's not to like?

The Young Professionals hail from Israel, and are fronted by out-gay local superstar Ivri Lider. This is their first single - their interpretation of Ottowan's D.I.S.C.O., in their own special way, supported by Israeli demi-drag goddess Uriel Yekutiel - and it's rather superb...

Just before Pride it was Canada Day which was celebrated in Trafalgar Square, and in a nod to our biggest Dominion, here are a couple of new discoveries from Toronto. First, the rather fabby Austra with a remix of their new single Spellwork (the MNDR Nighttime Remix):

...and here's the Bowie-wannabee Diamond Rings with Something Else:

To finish, we go from the slightly-serious to the downright kitsch. This is nothing new (in fact it hails from 1998!), but it's new to Dolores Delargo Towers. Thanks once again to the lovely Henry over at Barbarella's Galaxy - here, with a blatantly tacky rip-off of Boogie Oogie Oogie, is Pure Sugar with Delicious. How gay can you get?!



  1. I like these blogs of new-ish music …

    It's nearly always acts I've never heard of before but more often than not I find something that I really like.

    Bright Light, Bright Light sound very good - although I was hoping for more disco sounds from the songs title …

  2. Love the Young Professionals - very Eurovision …

  3. I like the song by Diamond Rings but the video makes me uncomfortable - he has bloodshot eyes, bad skin and too many close ups - lol

  4. So please you appreciate them - I particularly love The Young Professionals as well! I agree with Mr Rings' close-ups, he's a very scary-looking boy... But at least Locnville are a treat for the eyes! Jx

  5. As always, a fabulous post! I heard about Ivri covering Ottowan some time ago, much to my enjoyment!


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