Saturday, 17 January 2015

A cougar, I am not

"Animal lover that I am, a cougar I am not. All my life, even as a kid, I have preferred men older than I am. Unfortunately, today I don't think there is anyone older than I am!"

"Let's say I meet someone I find attractive. I have to keep reminding myself of how old I am, because I don't feel like I'm that old. I fight the urge to flirt and try to shape up. No fool like an old fool."

“My answer to anything under the sun, like ‘What have you not done in the business that you’ve always wanted to do?’ is ‘Robert Redford’.”

It's Betty White Day again!

She's 93 you know...

And she's still hot!

  • She holds the Guinness World Record for Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female) - 74 years (and counting) in show business.
  • She was christened "Betty" specifically because her parents (of Danish, Greek, English, and Welsh descent) didn't like many of the nicknames derived from "Elizabeth."
  • She received her her first Emmy nomination in 1951 (for a show called Life With Elizabeth); since then she has been nominated 21 times (so far), winning five times - and her nomination in 2014 (for Betty White's Off Their Rockers) means she has the record for longest span between first and latest nomination.

Betty Marion White Ludden (born 17th January 1922)


  1. Turning her into a housewife-cook with a nymphomaniac streak was a streak of genius on Mary Tyler Moore.

    1. I don't think "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was ever shown here - and if it was, I never saw it. When I was a kid we did have "Rhoda", though. Thus, my very first introduction to Betty White was "The Golden Girls", and I've loved her ever since... Jx

    2. OMG Her role on the Mary Tyler Moore Show was the absolute best! Such a catty bitch. THAT's when I fell in love with her!

  2. Replies
    1. The true definition of a "trouper"! Jx

  3. A performer absolutely created for television (in the most positive way, in that she is able to connect so directly, immediately, with uidnces, whether playing a role or as herself). And even now not trotted out just because she's 93, but because she still has killer timing. When watching her, I notice often how she is, like many great performers, a remarkable listener - one of the things that made her so effective on Golden Girls and (much as I adore all the GGs) a real contrast to both Beatrice Arthur and Estelle Getty, who were more of the stand-and-deliver school when it came to their lines.

    1. uidnces? Audiences, rather. So sue me -- I've been up for two days now...

    2. Darling, you are forgiven - jet-lag is evidently a horrible thing.

      I so agree with your analysis. Miss White's comic timing and unexpectedly sharp delivery (coming from a sweet little old lady makes it all the funnier) are an absolute joy. Jx


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