Help tips

A few handy tips:
  • You need to be registered in order to comment. This is dead easy - anyone who already has a Google log-in (for using YouTube, for example) is automatically a member of Blogger too (they are all Google companies after all). If you do not already have Google registration, to join Blogger is very quick and easy and you do not even need to have a blog here.
  • On the right of the page is the archive, year-by-year, month-by-month of entries I have posted. It is the easiest way to jump around the site (but take care, that way madness lies!).
  • Also to the right are a collection of links to favourite sites that each, in their own way, provide me with inspiration and continual pleasure.
  • That immense list of links at the foot of each page is the index of keywords I have lavished upon each of the posts here. To find anything I have featured you can either scroll up and down the list to find a link to the relevant blog entry or entries. A quicker way to do this is to use the Internet Explorer "find on this page" function (in the Edit menu, or use the quick keys CTRL+F).
  • I have tried my best to check and double-check that all the links, pictures and videos still work (despite the best efforts of the gnomes at YouTube to scupper bloggers by making loads of their videos viewable on YouTube or in certain countries only). If you do find a broken link, or something generally weird going on on any of my posts, just let me know!
  • To keep up-to-date with posts, click either (or both) links in the right hand column under the heading "Feed Me"...

Finally, enjoy!

Jon x