About Dolores Delargo Towers

"A long time ago, in a place very far away..."

Back in 2007, I embarked upon my very first blog on a relatively new type of site - the "social networking" pioneer, MySpace. Naturally I used my nickname (borrowed from Miss Midler!) "Dolores Delargo, the toast of Chicago" as an epithet. As a frustrated writer, blogging soon became an (almost daily) obsession - I posted observations from the news, the world of entertainment, music, theatre, and indeed real life, gathered a modicum of interest from like-minded fellow "MySpacers", and made some actual friendships as a consequence. The fictional "Dolores Delargo Towers" was born!

In 2010, MySpace - never the most reliable nor stable of sites - began yet another makeover. Already losing the battle of the networking sites against the likes of Facebook and Twitter, its slow decline was already obvious. Now it seems many more people are deserting MySpace for pastures new.

I, too, objected to the way that blogs (and bloggers) were suddenly apparently being sidelined by the powers-that-be in charge of that site. Their new space for blogs is set to a rigid template (to accommodate advertising), which means that all graphic content (pictures and videos) is forcibly shrunk to fit into a tiny frame. Customisation (the staple of the original concept of MySpace) has been reduced to minimal levels.

And so it came to pass that I decided to create this blog Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle, a comprehensive back catalogue of every Dolores Delargo Towers blog I have posted - and from completion of this task, every blog in the future.

Welcome to my world!

Jon, 2011

PS Not content with just one blog, I embarked upon a second, simultaneous, project on my arrival at the wondrous world of Blogger - The Museum of Camp. The home of the more esoteric elements that make up my fertile imagination, this is a side-project that I intend as a collection of the ephemera that makes life worth living - visit the Dolores Delargo Towers - Museum of Camp.