Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Diamond life, lover boy

A rather interesting little "timeslip moment" today.

For, as I traversed in my time machine back 25 years to this week in 1990, I spotted a new entry in the charts for a little-remembered one-hit wonder; a group of cute tight-trousered chaps going by the name of Halo James.

Here's their one and only hit - Could Have Told You So:

So far, so novel. It's always good to have a "gawd, I had completely forgotten that song" moment. Happy to oblige.

On further investigation, however, I found that Mr Ray St. John, a founder member of that ill-fated boy-band had more strings to his bow than just this pleasant little ditty. Not only did he work with Haddaway, Gabrielle and (remarkably) Snoop Dogg, but he also wrote this worldwide smash hit for Miss Sade:

No need to ask
He's a smooth operator it would seem.

Halo James on Wikipedia


  1. Cant say I care much for the first track but 'smooth operator was about as cool as cool gets at the time.

    1. Miss Adu was indeed the most cool singer around for a while, Miss Grace Jones excepted, of course... Jx

  2. a friend of mine got to know James (the singer from Halo James) very well indeed about a year after their top 10 single … added to his getting to know Limhal quite well … we could never work out who was the bigger notch on the bedpost - Too Shy was a number 1 but it was about 7 years after the event

    1. Limahl was never "too shy", judging by some of the stories I have heard... Jx


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