Monday, 26 January 2015

Flores en Lunes

Oh dear. Monday again.

Never mind, only four days to go and I am on leave, then Saturday at stupid o'clock we will be on a flight from Stansted to Malaga!

On this Tacky Music Monday we continue our countdown to Spain in the company of the very special Senorita Rocío Dúrcal! Taking a lead from our adored Sara Montiel (who sang this first), she's flogging flowers while showing her knickers (as you do) - Los Nardos, no less...

Que tengas una buena semana!


  1. I hope you and Madame Arcati have a wonderful holiday xx

    1. We plan to, dear! (I am sewing my last threads on a costume just like Señorita Durcal's as we speak :-)


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