Monday, 5 January 2015


OK, 2015 has started in earnest, and it is back to work time for the majority (although I was in on Friday, the office was quite deserted) - so, on this first Tacky Music Monday of the New Year, let us start as we mean to go on!

What better way than in the capable hands of our magnificent Italian Patron Saint Raffaella Carrà and her gay sicurezza, with tomorrow's birthday boy Adriano Celentano, in one of the campest dance routines ever?

It's the unpronounceable Prisencolinensinainciusol:

All together, now!

Have a good week (if that is humanly possible)...


  1. You KNOW how much I love that video!

    Have a great week! It's brutally cold here in Chicago.

    1. I thought of you immediately, of course, when it took me ages to find this - possibly the last full-length unpixellated version of the video left on the interwebs...

      Keep warm, dear. I recommend Blackglama. Jx


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