Monday, 8 May 2017

Hurry now and don't be late 'cause we ain't got time to chat

Bleurrrgh. Monday again.

However will we get through this? With the help of a birthday girl, of course!

Sharing her birthday today with a disparate host of famous names including Sid James, Ricky Nelson, David Attenborough, Ezio Pinza, historian Edward Gibbon, Enrique Iglesias, Sonny Liston, Philip Bailey, Melissa Gilbert, Phyllida Law, "H" from Steps, Dame Felicity Lott and Tom of Finland, we bid many happy returns today to a most appropriate artist indeed for a Tacky Music Monday - Miss Toni Tennille!

Shimmering, glittering, as we all do on our way to work - here's her rather OTT take on that classic "Philly Soul" number Rubberband Man...

Hand me down my walkin' cane, hand me down my hat
Hurry now and don't be late 'cause we ain't got time to chat
You and me, we're goin' out to catch the latest sounds
Guaranteed to blow your mind so high, you won't come down, no

Hey, you all prepare yourself for the Rubberband Man
You've never heard a sound like the Rubberband Man
You're bound to lose control when the Rubberband starts to jam

Don't dance too hard.


  1. I'd really rather see Tom of Finland's version of "Rubberband Man."

    1. Indeed. Rather thick on the rubber front, I suspect.

      Also mind-boggling would be the prospect of a version featuring Dame Felicity Lott with "H" from Steps... Jx

  2. I didn’t know this existed.

    Ignorance really is bliss.

    And worse, I’ve just remembered “toe socks.”

  3. As I am still trying to recover from another Monday rearing it's ugly head, all is once again put into proper perspective by another Tacky Music Monday selection. Bless you sir!


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