Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Too bad, too bad

Grrrrr. Getting ready to head to the stuffy office - where colleagues routinely close all the windows (even in summer, some women feel the cold it seems) and close all the blinds (it shines on the computer screens, apparently; "sit away from the bloody windows!", say I) - and (unlike yesterday when it pissed down all day, preventing me from getting in the garden) it is glorious sunshine, and everything is looking lovely...

I can only hope to be home in time to catch some of it.

Hey ho, it is the (other, after Tom Jones) King of the power-ballad-and-tight-trousers-combo Engelbert Humperdinck's birthday today. So here he is, many years ago when he was still ruggedly handsome, with an appropriate number - Dommage, Dommage. Which is in English Too bad, too bad...

Many happy returns, Mr Humperdinck! (Engelbert Humperdinck, born Arnold George Dorsey, 2nd May 1936)


  1. I couldn't bring myself to listen to Englebert so I played from your Sunday post instead. Lovely!

    1. Oh, the Engelbert's worth it, believe me... Jx


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