Monday, 7 March 2011

Queens' English?

On this Tacky Music Monday I thought we'd take a trip back to the 80s, as our spirits are lightened on the journey back to work (on the sunniest day for ages - groan!) by the campness that is Jose & Luis!

Former Madonna backing dancers, the boys got a helping hand on this fabby track from none other than Our Glorious leader herself - half the track is actually Madonna singing and the other half is Jose & Luis being their wonderfully campy and fierce selves. Enjoy!


  1. yay I can comment, musically its very Vogue-ish.

    Wasn't the sunshine and light evening gorgeous today, all we need now is for it to warm up a bit.

  2. I am dreaming of warmer weather as we speak... Jx

  3. How I loved this back in the day (especially the fabulous Mo Mo´s In The House remix). Of course I have the CD of this tucked away safely in my rather huge Madonna collection ;)

  4. I somehow guessed that you might have a copy of this in your possession! Jx


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