Wednesday, 9 March 2011

You took a pedestal and put me on it

A quarter of a century ago queens across the world stood back in awe, as Miss Ross proved once more that she was still Mistress of all she surveyed - with this magnificent collaboration with the BeeGees, a selection of couture frocks and a dry ice machine, she effortlessly dismissed the opposition!

In 1986, the likes of Madonna and Whitney Houston could hardly touch her sparkling gloves...


  1. Madonna owned 1986 - the less said about Shitney, the better!

    I do love Ms Ross - perhaps not everything she's ever done, but there have been some wonderful highlights on her very impressive career - this track obviously being one of them.

  2. I have always loved her...she was recently on Oprah. She seems to be in a very good place in life now, I was so happy to see that!

    But I do agree with Mr. H! Madonna was and still is the ruler of the world. :D

  3. Must watch the interview - thanks Marky!


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