Sunday, 15 December 2013

Melodieën voor u

I think it's time for possibly the last in 2013 of my almost-regular round-ups of the newer music that has caught my ear. I will of course ignore the latest from the saintly Mrs Knowles-Carter, whose album has hit the headlines this week, as I don't like her; and also dear Robbie Williams (his second go at swing music is a bit half-arsed) and dear Sophie Ellis-Bexter (whose new album generally sounds a bit miserable). Hey ho, on with the game...

Firstly (and thanks again to the lovely Henry at Barbarella's Galaxy for letting us know about it), we applaud the return of a real blast from the past - Gala (she of Freed From Desire fame, seventeen years ago)! Here's Taste of Me:

The boy called Aiden is evidently angry about his relationship, and wants to tell us about it. Poor thing - why wouldn't anyone want to take him up on his offer to Satisfy Me?

Taking us on a nostalgia trip right back to the 80s (it's trendy now, apparently!), here's Echoes and Can't Fight The Feeling:

We can immediately jump a decade for the sounds that inspired our next track, courtesy of Manchester's Techniques and Switch (Let the Machines do the Work remix). It's rather addictive in a 90s house-y way...

Sticking firmly with the club grooves, here's the diva-tastic new single from Breach - it's Everything You Never Had (We Had It All), featuring the massive vocals of one Andreya Triana...

With a video reminiscent of early John Waters movies, here's a song that offers more than a slight nod to Jayne County, and even to the B52s - it's RuPaul's Drag Idol winner Sharon Needles and the totally bizarre Why Do You Think You are Nuts?:

I think we deserve a bit of eye candy after that - and who better to provide it than a pair of Scandinavians in their scanties, calling themselves Man Meadow? The song's quite good, too - it's Kill the Dancefloor:

And finally... speaking of totty, apparently this Andrew Christian video featuring the 7th Heaven Remix of Take It Like A Man was sent to Cher as a gift. She liked it so much she posted it on her YouTube site:

As ever, enjoy - and let me know what you think!


  1. As always, some fun stuff here. I have been enjoying the Man Meadow and the Gala songs for a few weeks now, so I obviously like them. The Aiden song is not bad but unlikely to became a favorite and the same goes for Techniques. I do however love the ones by Echoes and Breach - both do a nice job of recreating the sounds of times long gone.

    Sharon Needles somehow keeps falling into the shadows of William, Detox and Vicky Voxx. Not bad, but somehow not good enough. BUT: the same can not be said for what has to be the best of the bunch - the almighty Cher! It's a nice remix but I still prefer the album version.

    Thank you for another year's worth of fun and exciting tracks. Looking forward to what the next year has to offer!

    1. Þakka þér fyrir, sweetie! I do enjoy it - and it is one way to actually spur me on to investigate new music rather than perpetually inhabit the historical musical world with which we are, of course, much more familiar... Jx

  2. Oh my, your Icelandic is just flawless ;)


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